Odyssey Reborn continues to be the most popular Odyssey server. I logged on and got some screenshots. If you are craving Odyssey then check it out.





I logged onto several Odyssey servers tonight to see where the most activity was. I discovered that Odyssey Reborn is still the most populated server. People still call out “pk noc” so it felt very familiar. Here’s a screenshot:


Due to some interest in the paid add ons I have added a few more things from my private libraries.

The Odyssey Installer is now available to configure any Windows system to run Odyssey without any runtime errors.

The Minimapper source is now available for people working on large ambitious worlds and dungeons and will map a bird’s eye view of all your work.

I am also offering my services for debugging and coding new features. Pricing varies based on what you want to do, so email me if you are interested in that particular service.

I have been out of the loop on the latest Odyssey projects. If you know of servers that are online please post a reply here and I will update this post linking to the most active/popular servers!

Odyssey Reborn has been a huge success so far. Last night there were over 50 players online. If you haven’t checked it out yet, go to http://www.odysseyreborn.com right away!

Odyssey Reborn

Many people have been requesting that an online server get put back up again. Slasher and Rza have decided to launch a new multiplayer server called Odyssey Reborn. Slasher and Rza have been trusted names in Odyssey for more than a decade. They understand the Classic experience and want to carry that forward.

You can check out the new server at http://www.odysseyreborn.com/

I am very proud to present to you a new version of the Sandbox based on your feedback.

What does this version have that the other one didn’t? Quite a bit of new stuff and an all new installer to simplify setup.

  • Scripts are now included in the server. This server is fully functional with all quests, events like carnage, and other extras
  • A new installer has been released for people encountering errors. This installer registers all dependencies for you.
  • A new menu item has been added to allow you to connect to other IP addresses. This allows you to play with friends!
  • Feel free to leave feedback. If there are other problems or requests then I would be happy to release another version.

    The Odyssey Classic Sandbox has been released.

    The sandbox is a precompiled version of Odyssey that is ready to run after downloading. You do not need to compile the source code. You simply run the server, then run ody.exe and connect locally on your own computer.

    The sandbox includes a version of the Odyssey Classic main server that all Classic players should immediately recognize.

    To get the sandbox, click “The Sandbox” at the top of the page to find out more details and see the download link.

    I have changed the site to more of an archive format since Odyssey Classic is no longer actively running.

    Here I will host the source code, links to Odyssey projects, screenshots, video, and other content related to Odyssey Classic.

    If you have screenshots or videos you would like added to the site, send me an email and I will add it on here.

    This site is mainly for nostalgia but also  to preserve some of the history of the game.